NEURODIVERSE COUPLES, this course is for you!

For neurodiverse couples, (a couple in which one or both partners has an Asperger/autism profile), improving connection requires an awareness of each partner’s neurological profile and an understanding of the role their neurological differences have on the relationship.

Included in this 3 hour self-paced online course:

  • 2 video interviews with neurodiverse couples on recognizing neurodiversity 

  • 2 video interviews with neurodiverse couples about understanding neurodiversity

  • 4 lectures by experts in the field of neurodiverse couples therapy

  • 4 downloadable PDFs, about Asperger traits, stories by neurotypical partners, stories by partners with an Asperger/autism profile, and recommended resources

Intimate interviews with neurodiverse couples are enlightening

Many couples come to the realization that they are in a neurodiverse relationship decades into their relationship, after listening to a podcast, reading a book, or watching a movie that includes a character with an Asperger's/autism profile. But recognizing neurodiversity is just the beginning ... then what? How does neurodiversity impact an intimate relationship? What is the effect on the couple together and on each partner separately?

The couples you will meet in this course love each other and work hard to understand and accept their differences.

Pete—a physician, and Ann, a nurse, who work together—were married for many years before they discovered that they were a neurodiverse couple. Once they recognized that Pete has an Asperger profile, they were determined to understand how Pete's Asperger's impacted their relationship. 

Learn about the unique strengths and challenges that neurodiverse couples commonly face.

Watch these lectures from experts in the field:

  • Neurology Really Matters, Grace Myhill, MSW. Learn why it can be difficult for couples therapists to recognize Asperger’s/autism in their clients.

  • Recognizing Neurodiversity in a Couple, Grace Myhill, MSW. Identify traits commonly seen in a partner with an Asperger profile, and typical reactions and responses of neurotypical partners to their partner on the spectrum.

  • Overview of Asperger's & Autism and It's Impact on a Couple, Jamie Freed, MSW. Learn the strengths and challenges Asperger/autism traits bring and their impact on the relationship. 

  • Understanding the Impact of Neurodiversity on a Couple, Grace Myhill, MSW. Learn why it is important to reframe a couple as neurodiverse and to find support to validate and normalize each partner's experience.

Downloadable PDFs

Keep these documents even after you have completed the course:

  • Common Asperger Traits and their Impact on each Partner and on their Relationship Dynamics

  • Understanding Neurodiverse Relationships Perspectives from Partners with an Asperger (AS) Profile (AS): 

1. An Aspie’s Perspective on Neurodiverse Marriage by Sam Farmer

2. Untitled by David Greenfield

3. Disclosure With My Wife by Stephen M. Shore

4. The Potential for Transformation by Karen

5. Aspie Love by Elizabeth Avery with help from Nomi  Kaim

6. How Dancing Saved My Life, by Peter M. Friedman  

  • Understanding Neurodiverse Relationships:  Perspectives from Neurotypical (NT) Partners

1. First Impressions by Kate

2. Suspicions of Asperger’s Syndrome by Courtney

3. Surviving and Thriving as part of a Neurodiverse Couple by Judy 

4. Neurodiverse for 32 Years by Mona

5. Reflections and Lessons Learned in 34 Years in ND Marriage by Natalie  

  • List of Recommended Resources 

General Information


On Neurodiversity 

Understanding Neurodiverse Relationships 

Asperger’s and Women 

Autistic Family Systems 

Autism and Sexuality 

Other Autistic Challenges 

Empowering Those with Asperger’s/Autism 

From the AS Perspective 

The Neurotypical Partner’s Experience 

Support Groups

The graphics and photos are engaging and the lectures, the couples videos, the entire course is accessible from any device—computer, tablet, or smart phone—take this course anywhere, anytime.

"Very informative! I enjoyed watching the different couples as well." - R.M. in Massachusetts