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Earn up to 10 APA or ASWB ACE CE credits - Psychologists, Social Workers, Professional Counselors, and Marriage and Family Therapists.

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Training 101 will teach you to recognize, understand, and effectively treat one or both partners in a neurodiverse relationship.

Like many neurodiverse couples, Liz and Lisa figured out that they are neurodiverse decades into their relationship, from a podcast, a book, or a movie about a character with Asperger's or high functioning autism. But recognizing neurodiversity is just the beginning ... then what? How does neurodiversity impact an intimate relationship? What is the effect on the couple together and on each partner separately?

The couples you will meet love each other and are in search of therapists who are trained to understand and treat their unique needs.

"The content in this training is the most valuable I have gotten from a training course. I learned a tremendous amount, and it has already influenced my own clinical work. Training 101 is an amazing advancement in the field of neurodiverse couples therapy!"

– Peggy Kriss, PhD, clinical psychologist

Training 101 will not only inform you, but will transform the way you work with one or both partners in neurodiverse relationships

This 10 hour self-paced course is a comprehensive training featuring expert lectures, intimate interviews with neurodiverse couples, insights from a panel of therapists who work with neurodiverse couples together or separately, skill-building tools, tips, downloadable resources, a case study with online discussion, review questions, and so much more.

Intimate interviews with neurodiverse couples are enlightening

Learning directly from neurodiverse couples is critical to understanding what it's like to live 24/7 in a neurodiverse relationship.

Pete—a physician, and Ann, a nurse, who work together—were married for many years before they discovered that they were a neurodiverse couple. Once they recognized that Pete had an Asperger's profile, they began to shift their lens and reframe their relationship dynamics and each other. Adjusting and accommodating for neurological differences is now a vital part of their interactions, both at home and at work. Discover the interesting way in which this couple figured out that they were neurodiverse.

"This is novel and important material not covered by any other course. The videos of couples were especially instructive."

— Eric Endlich, PhD

In depth lectures with Grace Myhill, MSW and other experts in the field of neurodiverse couples therapy

Lectures on relevant topics such as Asperger's, co-occurring conditions, diagnosis, skill-building tools for neurodiverse couples, and intimacy and sexuality.

Based on the Myhill/Jekel Model for Working with Neurodiverse Couples in Therapy, this course teaches clinicians the fundamentals of working with one or both partners in a neurodiverse relationship.

TRAINING 101 teaches you how to -

  • Shift your lens to recognize neurodiversity in one or both partners and how to identify specific Asperger traits contributing to a couple's issues.
  • Understand the impact of neurodiversity not only on a couple but on your treatment approach and your practice, so you can adjust and accommodate. 
  • Effectively treat individuals or couples in neurodiverse relationships through skill-building and creative problem-solving to help them improve their communication and enhance their emotional connection.

Discussion panel of therapists who work with neurodiverse couples in therapy

Learning from clinicians who work with neurodiverse couples provides valuable expert insights.

Hear from a panel of therapists—with very different backgrounds and clinical training—on how they work with neurodiverse couples together or separately. Get insights into how they adjust their therapeutic approach when working with one or both partners in a neurodiverse relationship with a shifted lens, knowing that it is the neurological differences between the partners that is the cause of their issues. Resolving issues must take into account Asperger's and its impact on a each partner and the couple.

What a fantastic course and easy to use!

The graphics and photos are engaging and the lessons, the couples videos, the entire training is accessible from any device—computer, tablet, or smart phone—take this course anywhere, anytime.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and think it covers a lot of really great material. The technology is so incredibly user-friendly. I was able to access the entire course on my phone. The downloadable PDFs are an incredible wealth of information."

— Leslie Sickels, LCSW

Training 101 ~ $750

Fundamentals of Working with Neurodiverse Couples in Therapy

TRAINING 101 includes –

  • 90-day access from registration date to complete our 10 hour comprehensive, self-paced online training course
  • Intimate interviews with 10 neurodiverse couples
  • In depth lectures and panel discussions from experts in the field of neurodiverse couples therapy
  • Case Study with online Discussion
  • Downloadable tools, tips, and resources for you to keep
  • Training 101 Certificate of Completion (with 80% or better score on Final Test)
  • Inclusion in AANE's Neurology Matters Online Community of those who complete this course

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